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All it takes is 1oz a day to know you're doing everything you can for your horse's health!


Supplementing your horse with camelina oil has been shown to:

✔️ Improve the quality of their sheen, coat, mane & tail

✔️ Decrease joint pain in horses that suffer from arthritis

✔️ Improve bone structure

✔️ Help prevent ulcers

✔️ Help with allergic hyperactivity

✔️ Have an anti-inflammatory effect

✔️ Promote better reproductive function

✔️ Help maintain energy and improve mood


Smart Earth Camelina offers the finest quality cold-pressed filtered 100% non-GMO Camelina sativa oil. Our Camelina is grown from our own carefully-developed germplasm by great producers on the Canadian Prairies.

Camelina is rich in Omega3 fatty acids and tocopherols in a ratio that is unique among vegetable oils. In recent years the potential health benefits of Camelina supplements for animals in the form of oil, seed and meal is being widely researched and acknowledged.

Our Midas brand Camelina oil offers 1.2-1.6:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 along with a superior shelf life and oxidative stability.





Your label says for long term storage the products needs to be kept at 5 degrees C. How long is the oil stable at 20 degress C (70F)?

The oil is fine to consume after 2 years at 20C (70F) if unopened and stored in the dark, but not as fresh as it could be. It depends on whether it has been exposed to air and light too. As a general rule we say our oil is fine after 1 year if opened and at room temperature not kept in the dark. The peroxide value is an indication of oxidation stability. Our oil must have a pv of less than 5 when freshly crushed. This value increases as it oxidizes. A pv of >20 is not recommended. We consider long term storage is 2 years at 5C (40F) but at least 5 years if kept frozen. Hope this helps.

Smart Earth Camelina Oil-3.5 Gallon

Back in stock by April 3, 2023
  • The Smart Earth Guarantee

    Try Smart Earth Camelina Oil today and if you don’t see a happier, healthier horse, with a brighter sheen & healthier coat, then just email us at and we’ll give you all your money back. We’re taking a risk by doing this. We can’t make you send the product back to us.. So you could just ask for a refund and rip us off, but I’m going to trust that you’re not going to do that to a well intentioned business.

    Jack Grushcow

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