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Equine MLD

What is equine MLD?

Equine Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) is a highly specialized soft and gentle touch modality that aids in the movement of stagnant trapped lymph and toxins in the body. 

It is commonly recognized by swelling in the front or hindquarters. The swelling generally starts at the coronary band and moves up to the elbow in the front leg and up to the hock in the hind leg, often up into the groin area. It can also appear in other parts of the body, such as under the jaw and abdomen.


It is a result of an accumulation of trapped lymph fluid, resulting in the acute swelling (comes on unexpectedly) or intermittent swelling or chronic swelling (swelling just doesn’t go away) of the extremities. Many equestrians refer to this as “stocking up.” Lymphedema often compromises the immune system, and severe, chronic cases can be life-threatening. 



Equine Manual Lymph Benefits

It promotes the movement of lymph which reduces visible congestion as a swollen sheath or extremity as well as the invisible congestion such as laminitis/founder, abscesses, and soft tissue injuries.

Equine manual lymph drainage may help facilitate the healing of other common equine disorders such as:

·       Sinus conditions

·       Clogged eye ducts

·       Pre-surgical or post-surgical applications

·       Navicular syndrome

·       Common lameness example: stone bruise


This modality may be a useful tool to compliment your current treatment plan.

If you would like to learn how to perform these modalities yourself, please click the link to our class page.

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We also offer training via hands-on clinics or distance learning.

Click here to learn more or to schedule a session.

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