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Class Options

In person

At our facility, you may bring your horse, must receive prior approval. You will receive books and materials needed for the class. Please wear appropriate clothing and shoes as you will be working with horses.



With online classes, you will receive written documentation, PowerPoint presentations with audio, access to the video demonstrations, samples of home study work assignments and worksheets to be submitted for evaluation.

The best part, with the online classes you will be able to incorporate these sets of skills immediately into your portfolio and develop proficiency at the same time!


Host a Clinic

Host Benefits:

Opportunity to earn a free spot. **

Horses used during the hands-on clinics will experience the benefits of what we teach.

Questions? email us at today so we can get your clinic on the schedule!



Equine MLD

In Person-$500

Online Layman’s Grooming Technique: $260

Online Manual Lymph Drainage Massage: $350      

·    Head Sequence 

·    Front Limb Sequence 

·    Hind Quarters 

MLD Book only $150


Equine Cranial/Sacral and Osteopath

In Person-$1,450



Equine Aromatherapy

In person-$350


Bundle all classes in person-$2,000

Deposit required when booking in person class

Payment plans are available. Class must be paid in full before start of class. **


**Certifications will be given upon completion and passing of course

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