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This blend is a powerhouse of herbs rich in all the amino acids. This blend is proving to support every system in the body. This blend is a regenerative blend that works on a cellular level. It is also an amazing Pre and Post run add on that will dramatically shorten recovery time after a run.  This power house blend will allow super-stars to increase their strength and endurance.


Blend supports"

Horses with stiff or sore muscles

Horses with injuries

Horses that have just finshed the Parasite Wipeout clean up

Horses used for performance

Horses with a stressed lifestyle

Horses that are over or underweight

Horses that have been malnourished


Blend: Bee Pollen, Oganic Beet Root, Spirulina, Pumpkin Seed, Chia Seed, Chia Seed, Chlorella, and Irish Moss


60 day supply

Recover Herbal Aminos

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