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This is a power house blend to effectively create a parasite free environment. To get a clean base in a horse follow the 21 days on 10 days off and 21 days on. Once this has been done use the product 7-10 days monthly with the strategic worming protocol or in wet environments.


Blend supports:

Horses with line patterns on the belly, shoulders, neck, or hips

Horses that don't shed even if just in certain areas like the legs

Horses with tight muscles

Horses that don't hold chiropractic adjustments

Horses with hip, hock or stifle issues

Horses that are metabolic and don't process sugars efficiently

Horses that need a regular worming protocol


Herbs Used: Argimoney, Barberry Root, Black Walnut Hulls, Clove Buds, Marshmallow Root, Milk Thistle, Oregano Leaf, Wormwood


This wonderful blend could be used to support additional issues in the immune system and the digestive system. DO NOTE THE WARNING ON THE BACK OF THE LABEL.

Parasite Wipeout

SKU: SW-RJ321b
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