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Blended to support clean blood allowing it to move through the body efficiently.


Blend supports:

Horses with hair loss

Horses that have had excessive vaccines

Horses exposed to chemical toxins

Horses on fluorinated water and some well waters that are unclean or in heavy farms areas

Horses with allergies and skin irritations

Horses with immune and auto-immune issues

Horses with skin problems and itchy skin

Horses that are on toxic, unclean diets, eat by-products contained in most commercial grains

Horses with continual watery eyes



Blend: Astragalus, Barley Grass, Buckthorn Bark, Cilantro, Coriander, Kelp, Licorice Root, Nettles, Oatstraw, Olive Leaf, Pau D' Arco, White Willow Bark, Yarrow 


1lb bag, 60 day supply

Enviro DTX

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